The Beginning; Part 2

So, you know how it’s said… the wait for the semi-finalist notification felt like an eternity; but, I must correct myself, because the wait for the finalist notification was even more trying. I did not want to get my hopes up. At this point, I had about a 50% chance. If I did not get in, I would still have a wonderful sophomore year with just as much growth potential. But, even then, I knew how important this was for me to go away.


According to last year’s blogs, decisions were sent out on the 11th of April. So when Thursday 4/11 came around, my natural instinct was to hit the refresh button of my email approximately every two seconds. I had running and fitness that day after school, but due to the poor weather, (Thank you Vermont, as a matter of fact I love snow in April) we were inside playing board games. The entire time I tried to grapple in my head with whatever outcome was ahead. My fate was now out of my hands.


Finally I rushed back to find the first technical device in my line of vision and much to my good fortune, it happened to be my own.  I proceeded to check my email. I waited for some time. I watched my Facebook notifications accumulate with other applicants’ amazing news. I was more than happy for them but began to lose my assurance. All of a sudden I heard the beauteous ring of incoming mail. Inside my mailbox, it read, “YES abroad program in Oman”



I was speechless, maybe even for the first time in my life, because that is a rare occurrence for me. I went to call my mom too soon, as I heard the phone ring from beneath me.  WOW! At first I was in a state of complete shock, maybe even disbelief as I continued to reread the remainder of the letter.


Next year, I will be going to Oman, a new country, new hemisphere, new language and a new culture. I am so excited for this adventure in front of me. Although any experience like this entails the inevitable challenges along the way, I look forward to taking them in stride and growing as much as I can. (Though honestly I really wouldn’t mind growing a few more inches taller as well.) I will try to update you all regularly.


Yours truly,



3 responses to “The Beginning; Part 2

  1. well done Taly….you write so beautifully and I look forward to reading your blogs next yr.You are an amazing young woman, and what a coup to be chosen for this particular adventure.You will be a wonderful ambassador for the youth of America….we love you and your family….and are so excited for you…

  2. We loved reading your blog. As you know, we visited Oman last year and we thought it was a very interesting country. We would have liked to have stayed longer and seen more. We look forward to reading about your experiences there!

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