New Lenses


At the PDO we had a chance to examine our own social identity.  I particularly enjoyed this seminar, as it was a really great opportunity to examine what identities are of importance and relevance in my own life. At the core of my identity are my values and beliefs, which inform my interactions with those around me, whether as a daughter, a student, a sister, or a friend. A tier down, and not integral to my very being, are the short-term pursuits I find worth pursuing, the cultures I identify with by association. Of course, this affects the way in which I apply my beliefs. I love to write, dabble in theater, create art here and there, and I am a news junkie aficionado. Though these are all chosen pursuits, they are just as gratifying and important to me. Lastly is my given identity, things that I was born with such as my heritage, physical identity, and everything that connects me to my past and history.


During the seminar, the speaker gave us a role-play type scenario that I will do my best to recite:

There is this group of people with blue sunglasses cementedto their faces. One day, a blue sunglasses fellow meets a man with yellow sunglasses and has a sudden urge to see through the yellow lenses. He tries to remove the blue sunglasses but is unable. Finally he has the realization, that though he may never take the blue away, he can wear the yellow on top, seeing green.


Though I will always be influenced by my core identity, I am in no way limited by it. Having the opportunity to immerse myself in a new way of life can only help me further my sense of identity and understanding of the world around me. As I get older, I hope to collect more identities and in that pursuit, further articulate what is important to me



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