What I’ve been up to (a Summer Update)


Hello Everyone!

It’s been a pretty long time since I’ve last written and so much has happened since then. I finished my freshman year about a month ago. It was a busy couple of months filled with final assessments and projects of sorts. I built a pretty sizable geodesic dome along with researching the life and achievements of Buckminster Fuller.

Sort of along the lines of structures, I reported on the life cycle and migration patterns of the protists slime molds. I was able to enjoy some of Shakespeare’s most notable comedy and practice my witas Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing. My fake mustache was pretty impressive. I evenmanaged to fit in the school musical somewhere in there. Of course, having only been at Putney for one year, goodbyes felt a little bittersweet. I was not expecting to feel so sentimental. It’s nice to know I have two whole years when I return.


Since I’ve gotten home, I have begun studying Arabic and even a little Algebra 2. Keeping myself busy allots less time for getting nervous; a win win! Inevitably, I can’t help but think of next year. I have received my school information in Muscat and I can’t believe it is so close!


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