Beyond Zebra…

As my summer draws to a close, I am finishing final preparations for the year ahead.  I have completed the arduous of task of hauling a suitcase next to my bed and have begun throwing the remnants of my closet across my floor; I guess one could call it organized chaos. This has become my mindset more or less in the past few days.


I am thrilled to begin my journey in a mere 10 days, though I can’t help to second guess my preparedness.  I have lived away from home before.  The sheer independence intimidates me the least.  I am quite competent alone and have always enjoyed relying on my intuition or testing it, depending on the situation.  However, it is not just the independence, but the additional initiative it takes to rely on others that I find most daunting in integrating into a new way of life.


Since I was little, I have enjoyed discomfort (not in the literal connotation!); but I have enjoyed finding that moment of success in struggle. This is neither because I am the best student nor because I am exceptionally gifted, but I absolutely hate to quit…. anything (with the exception of physical education aka gym class). For that reason, I feel pretty comfortable depending on my self.  I ‘m aware of my own expectations and thought processes.  This process is extremely efficient though lacking in the personal connection that is achieved through a rewarding collaboration. The opportunity of living away from the placeI know will not be testament of an internal struggle or endurance in isolation.  I can only hope my year will be one of connection, communication, and flexibility; learning how to depend and learn from those around me.

To end with a quote from a Springfield native:

“There’s no limit to how much you’ll know, depending how far beyond zebra you go.”

-Dr. Seuss


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