I got my family!

I received my host family placement the other day and I couldn’t be more excited! I will live a little bit outside central Muscat.   My host family consists of 2 parents and 3 kids of whom I will be the oldest. It is surreal to think I will get to see them all in less than 2 weeks.  They seem like wonderful people.  Some of their many hobbies include hiking, art, science and reading.


on a hike in MA

The next few days with my family will fly by.  Soon enough I will be on my way to the airport ready to say goodbye.  I am going to miss the long summer days and family gatherings that seem all too fleeting.  The past two weeks my cousins from London have been visiting.  I usually see them once a year, so it always amazes me how much my younger cousins have grown.


Monument Mountain

In my living room, we have an unfinished game of monopoly on the floor.  All the cards and pieces have stayed intact despite the fact it is taking us a few weeks to finish.  The weather is beautiful, and we are spending most of our days outside.  I don’t know if we will finish this game before I leave, but until then I am really enjoying being around my family.


Yesterday my Grandpa handed me 40 sealed envelopes to open while I’m away. Each one is numbered, some with little smiley faces and the like. When my little cousin was hiking with me on Monument Mountain two days ago, he told me that when you are high up, everything else appears small.  I told him this is called relativity.  I am enjoying the comfort of the familiar now, but in seven days I will embark on a journey of new proportions and perspectives, and I can only hope from far away I will also experience relativity.Image


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