The top 50

Here is fifty things in no particular order I would like to do my year abroad! Enjoy…

Drum roll please…

  1. Fulfill my role as a U.S. citizen ambassador successfully and represent what America means to me
  2. Form a strong relationship with my host family
  3. Attend a traditional Omani wedding
  4. Get a Mehndi design
  5. Ride a camel
  6. Become closer with my fellow exchange students
  7. See the desert
  8. Learn more about Islam
  9. Learn more about minority groups of the middle east
  10.  Learn to cook from my host family
  11.  Eat lots of good food
  12.  Update my blog frequently
  13. Learn historical, cultural, and political context in the Arab world
  14.  Improve my Arabic
  15.  Maintain a basic conversation in Arabic
  16.  Apply this change of setting to my creative pursuits like art and poetry
  17. Read a lot
  18.  Stay up to date in the news
  19.  Navigate my way through the perils of high school education
  20.  Understand a government’s structure that is pretty different than my own
  21.  Pass my math class
  22.  Experience being part of a big extended family
  23.  Become more flexible and better at dealing with adversity
  24. Discover my own identity and its place in the world around me
  25. Be patient


    So much to do! So little time!

  26. Remember the importance of listening
  27.  Master the art of observing
  28. Never let fear and nervousness cloud my perspective
  29.  Travel and see as many sides of Oman as possible
  30.  See as many sides of people as possible
  31.  Go hiking and see the more uncharted path and rugged way of life in nature
  32. Improve my photography and document as much as I can
  33. Make friends at school
  34. Try on traditional Omani garb like the abaya and jalabiya
  35.  Swim in a wadi
  36.  Successfully navigate the streets of Muscat
  37.  Experience the hustle and bustle of a souk and learn to barter… in the appropriate setting of course
  38.   Learn to trill my R’s
  39. Attend an Eid al-Adha gathering
  40.  Visit a mosque
  41.  Participate in Omani National Day
  42.  Do not let my prior vegetarianism dissuade me from trying the meatier Omani cuisine
  43.  Frequently organize my room, my homework, and my head, which at times all seem discombobulated
  44.  Give and take in conversations and understand when my dissent and counter argument is not important
  45.  Accept things as they are, not how they should be
  46. Keep in touch with my family, especially my sister and brother
  47.  Call my brother on our 16th birthday!!
  48. Make the most of a once and a life time experience
  49.  Find the joy in others around me and assume friendship
  50. Do not worry about the technicality of checkboxes and enjoy the journey and the unknowns

2 responses to “The top 50

  1. So excited for you, Talya. I am interested in hearing all about your wonderful, fascinating, and awesome travels. Bravo to you!!!

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