Though I am leaving very soon, I want to mention the violence and political unrest in Egypt. It is hard to talk about something that has created such loss in every facet of the population. The Arab spring from its start in 2011 represented  a future that would surmount poor leadership and overcome poverty and lack of opportunity. It was this hope that brought people together and created trust in the political process at large. Somehow 2 years later, it is no longer a question of political subjugation, but in which direction the country will go. Egypt is trying to balance an unnerving tightrope between anarchy and total tyranny. As for the hope of democracy, it seems rare at our day to witness the total restructuring of a government, and only once we are watching it do we understand the rarity and subtle turn of cards it takes to make a cohesive parliament. 

The beginning of the Arab spring for many represented this ideal, their faith, their pride, and most importantly their image of justice. But it is that image that has divided the country now for over a year. Two philosophies or parties, though fundamentally different in their approach and core beliefs, are looking to achieve the sanctity they once imagined two years back.

No matter where you see reason amongst this violence, I think it is important to acknowledge the death and tragic loss in both parties.  Death is foreign to everyone no matter how different we are. No individual person would support such tragic loss. This is ultimately a people disenchanted from their government but even more so, disenchanted from each other, just trying to hold on to order.

I am so sorry to anyone who has lost family and loved ones. My thoughts and prayers go out to them and others caught in the violence. I hope everyone is safe at this time of unrest.


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