An Omani Home

Most of the houses here have a very distinct construction. Inside, you will find the houses to be very open. The whole house really flows from one room to the next. In Oman, rugs are placed at the forefront of most interior designs. If you walk in to any given living room, there will most likely be some sort of Persian rug. Traditional Omani houses are not necessarily big, so space is really maximized. It’s not that things are cluttered; they are just filled with lots of furniture. People are very clean, and that is often mirrored in the tidiness of their homes.

To avoid any uncomfortable situations, though people of the same gender may share rooms, each room generally has their own bathroom. One of the most challenging things to get used to here is their aversion to toilet paper. In Oman wet is clean. Most bathrooms have hose or sprayer that is used once their business is finished. Some bathrooms are even like wet rooms, were even the floors are designed to be wet. It is good not to expect a dry toilet seat.

Now a day, most house have a kitchen table, but sometimes it is just frankly more comfortable and easier to eat on thImagee floor. So it is always a bit of a mix.

Many houses if they have the recourses, devote a special room of the house for entertaining. Traditionally is used as a room for men, but technically anyone can use it as long as its not mixed gender.


Every house contains multiple air conditioning units, but unlike the U.S, many people prefer to leave window even door open, to maintain the flow of fresh air, and the energy of the space.

Everything here has been built in the last 50 years, yet they have still managed to maintain their charm, and that very specific Arab architecture. They make up for what’s missing in the history, through their friendliness and naturally beautiful landscape.Image


8 responses to “An Omani Home

  1. Read all blogs received today. You are certainly bringing oman to us in your writings and pictures. The photo of you is wonderful. You are beautiful inside and out.

  2. I’m so sad I’ve run out of blog posts to read. Can’t wait for the next installment! You look beautiful in that photo, by the way!

  3. Talya, your mom shared your blog with me. I am really enjoying your thoughtful posts and gorgeous pictures. What an adventure you are on! Thanks for sharing it with us!
    Ma salaama,
    Ms. Vezina

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