Some Omani Hospitality

Oman, from a New-Englanders perspective is always very hot, and I’m talking about 24/7 here. I came to this conclusion after spending less than a half hour outside, and having my entire face feel as if it was slowly sinking until I would turn into a melted puddle of human goo. This did not happen though.  Or the other time I was meandering through the house as a dazed and dehydrated foreigner ready to take a nap at ten in the morning.


I am not complaining, I would take this heat over a hypothermia-inducing snowstorm any day. But because of this heat, many locals spend their mornings at work or at home with access to air conditioning. Come nighttime, they are out and about, ready to visit the nearest extended relative or friend of a friend nearby.

At any moment a cousin or some other visitor could drop by, and the doors are always open. Sometimes it could be a quick hello, but most of the time after a small cup of Omani coffee is poured and the scent of Bachir, (frankincense) has percolated through the air you know it will be much longer.


Often times families will end up preparing extra food in case relatives show up for meals, not wanting to offend their sensibilities or worse their pride. Omani hospitality is huge part of life here, and a very joyous one at that.

One of the most prolific kitchen devices found in all Omani households is a hot pot. At first I made the mistake of assuming it was a Crockpot, but Omanis never take any short cuts in their cooking. I guess it serves as a plastic thermos, but to families here it remains an essential means of transporting food to loved ones far way. Food here is love.Image


7 responses to “Some Omani Hospitality

  1. I’m loving your insights and descriptions, Talya! Please let us know something about the pix you’re posting. Who are the people, etc.?

    • Thank you very much! I’m so happy you are reading my posts. That is an excellent idea and as soon as I have more time I plan on adding captions to the photos.

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