A truce for juice

Juice here is great, and I can assure you there is plenty of it. Because of the restrictions, alcohol is not really available for public consumption, and you would be hard pressed to find a restaurant that carries it. Though given the influx here of expatriates and tourists, some hotels do sell it anyways. If you ask me though, who needs alcohol when the juice is so good? It is safe to assume here, when a menu says cocktail, don’t be surprised if the price is lower than usual. It is probably different than you would expect, and does not contain the ulterior effects of cocktails you may have had in the past. Now I digress.


Most restaurants here press the juice fresh. There are always too many options to choose from, and that’s a fact.  Some examples are: pineapple, mango, banana, kiwi, orange, and even avocado. Juice shops here are very relaxed, and most importantly they’re cheap too; so it’s good for anyone on a budget. A little juice and you’re good to go.


One of my particular favorites is Lemon mint. Like the name suggests, it is essentially just a mixture of lemonade and mint… but it tastes incredible. It is very refreshing, and as opposed to all the milk laden steaming hot teas, it is my drink of choice. The recipe is in fact very simple, and I will attempt to write it down for you here. It is more like an idea than a recipe, but it is wonderful. Also, I will mention, most people here display total disregard to the difference between lemons and limes, therefore both citruses are called lemons. You can really use either here, and chances are they would both taste good. You can’t really mess up.



  1. Squeeze your lemons
  2. Mix in simple syrup or sugar
  3. Mix vigorously till it dissolves
  4. Add your water
  5. Roughly chop mint leaves
  6. Add your lemonade and mint to blender
  7. Blend till your drink has mixed to a nice hue of green
  8. Pour juice in glass with mint pulp and serve with ice

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