The other day, my host mom had one of her Egyptian friends over for lunch. She had been talking up this dish called Kushari now for quite sometime, reminiscing of her time back in Egypt. They were both quite excited to teach me to make it. Being as curious as I was, I was eager to lend an extra hand. The dish does not disappoint. Though there are many components to the dish, it is not actually that complicated. To sum it up it is a very texturally interesting pile of starches. As you can imagine it is quite delicious. This is one of the most well known Egyptian dishes. Do be warned, I have learned the best way to make kasheri is nearly as much cause for debate as Egyptian politics themselves.Image

  1. First in separate pots, boil your lentils, rice, macaroni, and chick peas with a little oil so they don’t stick together
  2. Once they are all tender lay them out on separate plates
  3. Next lightly coat your chopped onions in flour,
  4. Patiently sift out the excess flour, before frying them till golden brown
  5. Drain out the extra oil on a paper towel



  1. To make the complimenting sauce blend some fresh tomatoes, with tomato paste and crushed tomatoes,
  2. Stew this mixture until it emulsifies adding some sautéed garlic onions, vinegar, chilies, and a little salt and pepper. You could also add some herbs.
  3. Now to plate, take a little rice and pasta, add some beans on top, a sprinkle of onions, some sauce and voila!
  4. Enjoy!!

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